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Buying the perfect Coffee Maker

Drip coffee makers are a great way to make larger quantities of your favorite coffee. A wide variety of modern drip coffee makers are available on the market, but not all are equal. Our focus is quality before quantity and that what sets us apart from our competition. Many drip machines brew approximately 10 cups per carafe.  This makes them great for family’s with several coffee lovers, dinner parties or people who enjoy multiple cups of coffee.

Pour-over coffee brewers allow you to control aspects of the brew more precisely.  The temperature of the water, speed the water saturates the grounds, time of the brew and the quantity it makes. Many Coffee enthusiasts love this method of brewing, because it controls the taste, texture and strength of the brew.

French press are a great way to get a full flavored, rich tasting coffee. A French press will steep coffee for several minute that is more coarsely ground in hot water, plunging to separate grounds from the final coffee brew.

Cold Brew Makers provide a unique way of making coffee for those hot days or making a refreshing beverage when it’s needed most. Cold brew coffee tends to taste smoother and not as bitter compared to a traditional hot brewed coffee. Hot brews can be brewed in minutes, while cold brew can take several hours

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