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About Us

Maker’s Coffee Company is a family owned and operated small business based in Naples Florida that truly appreciates our customers and their experience with us.  Our company is growing organically with the help of amazing customers, word of mouth, hard work, and sacrifice. Our mission to help coffee farmers, families, and people begins with our Specialty Coffee Marketplace. The Coffee on our site helps to directly support this cause with sustainability in mind. Our roasters source coffee ethically by supporting farmers through direct trade relationships. This has a great impact on farming communities worldwide.


The inspiration for the company began in the early 1980’s during the founder’s summer break. He loved going to work with his dad and spent many mornings in the break room making coffee for people that worked there.  It was very enjoyable and left a lasting impression. This helped inspire the company and his love for Coffee. Realizing what he was missing when he tried Specialty Coffee, it became a thing of the past waiting in long lines. Making coffee at home wasn’t such a bad idea.  This became one of the main inspirations for our company and its name.


The initial concept of developing an online marketplace for specialty coffee roasters, coffee equipment and accessories quickly became a reality.  Development began in early 2019 with our online debut on October 1st, 2021, International Coffee Day. The best Specialty Coffee Roasters in the Country, freshly roasting coffee and delivering directly to customers cutting down on waste and environmental impact. No middlemen to interfere with the freshness and quality of coffee received by our customers.

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