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The inspiration for Maker’s Coffee Company goes back to when the founder was a young boy.  During summer break, he would often go with his father to work at the family business.  He would spend a lot of time in the break room making coffee and running fresh cups to the employees.  These memories were special to him, because of the great interactions and appreciation he would receive from everyone.  He also loved the flavor of the coffee he made for himself, but admits it was loaded with cream and sugar.  It’s memories like these that left lasting impressions and eventually became part of the inspiration for Maker’s Coffee Company.

Another inspiration for Maker’s Coffee Company was the desire he had for a more consistent morning Coffee.  It became a routine to get coffee from several establishments over the years, but it would lack consistency, quality and flavor.  At times it would taste good and other times not so good, but always different depending on who was making it.  He wanted that perfect morning coffee every day, but admits he was looking in the wrong places.  It wasn’t until he was introduced to the world of Specialty Coffee that he realized what he’d been missing.  Finally experiencing what it was like to drink some of the best tasting Coffee in the world it changed his daily routine.  He thought to himself, instead of paying high prices for inconsistent morning Coffee it would be better to start making coffee at home.  This became one of the main inspirations for Maker’s Coffee Company and our mission to deliver the very best tasting Coffee in the world to our customers.  The absolute best Specialty Coffee Roasters in the world all in one place, freshly roasting their coffee to deliver to customers all over the country.  The best coffee in the world is made even better by you, because only you know how you like it.  Consistency and exceptional unique flavors along with an unmatched freshness is what makes Specialty Coffee an amazing and truly unique experience.

The initial concept and brainstorming of starting an online marketplace for specialty coffee roasters and Coffee products quickly became a reality.  Knowing if people started to experience the amazing flavors and varieties of Specialty Coffee at home it would change their daily Coffee routines also.  Supporting small businesses and farmers in the process and saving money in the long run.  Work began almost immediately developing the concept and website development which would bring Specialty Coffee Roasters together on one platform to showcase their Coffee and Brands.  Not a standard eCommerce platform by any means, but a marketplace with a big focus on the highest quality Specialty Coffee, Equipment and products.  A quality before quantity approach and making sure customer experience is at the forefront of our mission.

Maker’s Coffee Company strives to provide the best possible service, the world’s best tasting Coffee from award winning Specialty Coffee Roasters and top of the line brewing equipment.

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