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Fellow Stagg XF Pour-Over Coffee Set



The Fellow Stagg XF Pour-Over Coffee Set extracts your coffee fully for a full flavored coffee. It has vacuum insulated glass to retain heat for your brewed coffee.



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Fellow Stagg XF Pour-Over Coffee Set





Product Overview

The Fellow Stagg XF Pour-Over Coffee set is a sleek and high-quality addition to any coffee lover’s kitchen, designed to make brewing the perfect cup of coffee a breeze. For the perfect pour-over coffee, look no further than the Fellow Stagg XF Pour-Over Coffee set! Its 20 oz double-wall borosilicate glass carafe keeps your coffee hot without exterior condensation. This set is designed for ease of use, with a 4-minute brew time, direct pour fill type, and 2-cup capacity that’s perfect for sharing.

The Ratio Cup Guide ensures you measure the right amount of coffee grounds for a single (20 grams) or double (40 grams) serving, while the dripper’s stainless steel body with vacuum insulated walls maintains the ideal temperature for a hotter cup of coffee. The steep sloped walls of the dripper allow for even extraction with each pour, and the no clog filter prevents clogging with its unique 10-hole pattern and complex bump pattern.

The double-wall hand-blown borosilicate glass carafe and silicone lid keep your coffee hotter and fresher, while the Stagg flat bottom filters ensure even filtering for the perfect cup every time. This set includes a Fellow Stagg XF Dripper (black), heat-proof double-walled 20 oz glass carafe with lid, coffee funnel, pack of 30 flat bottom Stagg paper filters, and owner’s manual.

Functions & Features

  • 4 Minute brew time.
  • Direct pour fill type.
  • Pour Over Coffee Maker
  • 2 cup capacity
  • Anti-spill pouring.
  • Ratio Cup Guide helps measure out a single (20 grams) serving or double (40 gram) serving as you add your coffee grounds. Cup can also be used as a drip cup after brewing.
  • Stainless steel body of dripper with vacuum insulated walls maintain the ideal temperature in the dripper making a hotter cup of coffee.
  • Drippers has steep sloped walls that allow for even extraction with each pour.
  • No clog filter – Special designed filter has a 10-hole pattern that has a complex bump pattern that helps lift the filter and prevents clogging.
  • Double wall hand blown borosilicate glass carafe with silicone lid allows your fresh poured coffee to stay hotter and fresh longer.
  • Stagg flat bottom filters allow coffee to evenly filter through the water.
  • Includes Fellow Stagg XF Dripper (black), Heat-proof, double-walled 20 oz glass carafe w/lid, coffee funnel, pack of 30 flat bottom Stagg paper filters, Owner’s Manual.

Fellow Stagg XF Pour-Over Coffee Set Specifications

Model Number: 1143

UPC: 852212007175

Manufacturer:  Fellow

Manufactured:  Imported

Carafe & Dripper Material: Glass, stainless steel

Carafe Capacity:  2-cups

Hand Wash

Product Dimensions:  12.01 x 5.51 x 5.51 inches

Tasting Glasses (Carafe): 82mm Diameter Base, 93/87 mm Diameter Top, 120 mm Height.

Stagg Dripper: 85/91 mm Outer Diameter (Top), 105 mm Product height, 55 mm Diameter of Bottom of Dripper

Product Weight:  15.84 ounces

Limited Warranty:  2 year


Support & Resources

Fellow Stagg XF Product User Manual:  Operating Manual PDF

Product Videos:  

Stagg Pour-Over System: The Fill-Up Method  same video above 

Product Reference Guides:

Quick Reference Guide

Fellow Brew Guide

Brewing with Fellow Products

Fellow warranty & product support:  provided by Fellow

Warranty information

Product support:


Additional information

Weight2.5 lbs
Dimensions10 × 10 × 12 in


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