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Fellow Stagg XF Pour-Over Coffee Set



The Fellow Stagg [XF] Pour-Over extracts your coffee fully for a full flavored coffee. It has vacuum insulated glass to retain heat for your brewed coffee.

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Fellow Products

Fellow Stagg XF Pour-Over Coffee Set





Product Overview

The Fellow Stagg XF Pour-Over will help you constantly brew the perfect cup of pour over coffee. The 20 oz double-wall borosilicate glass carafe allows your coffee to retain heat longer without exterior condensation.

Functions & Features

  • 4 Minute brew time.
  • Direct pour fill type.
  • Pour Over Coffee Maker
  • 2 cup capacity
  • Anti-spill pouring.
  • Ratio Cup Guide helps measure out a single (20 grams) serving or double (40 gram) serving as you add your coffee grounds. Cup can also be used as a drip cup after brewing.
  • Stainless steel body of dripper with vacuum insulated walls maintain the ideal temperature in the dripper making a hotter cup of coffee.
  • Drippers has steep sloped walls that allow for even extraction with each pour.
  • No clog filter – Special designed filter has a 10-hole pattern that has a complex bump pattern that helps lift the filter and prevents clogging.
  • Double wall hand blown borosilicate glass carafe with silicone lid allows your fresh poured coffee to stay hotter and fresh longer.
  • Stagg flat bottom filters allow coffee to evenly filter through the water.
  • Includes Fellow Stagg XF Dripper (black), Heat-proof, double-walled 20 oz glass carafe w/lid, coffee funnel, pack of 30 flat bottom Stagg paper filters, Owner’s Manual.


Model Number: 1143

UPC: 852212007175

Manufacturer:  Fellow

Manufactured:  Imported

Carafe & Dripper Material: Glass, stainless steel

Carafe Capacity:  2-cups

Hand Wash

Product Dimensions:  12.01 x 5.51 x 5.51 inches

Tasting Glasses (Carafe): 82mm Diameter Base, 93/87 mm Diameter Top, 120 mm Height.

Stagg Dripper: 85/91 mm Outer Diameter (Top), 105 mm Product height, 55 mm Diameter of Bottom of Dripper

Product Weight:  15.84 ounces

Limited Warranty:  2 year


Support & Resources

Fellow Stagg XF Product User Manual:  Operating Manual PDF

Product Videos:  

Stagg Pour-Over System: The Fill-Up Method  same video above 

Product Reference Guides:

Quick Reference Guide

Fellow Brew Guide

Brewing with Fellow Products

Fellow warranty & product support:  provided by Fellow

Warranty information

Product support:


Additional information

Weight2.5 lbs
Dimensions10 × 10 × 12 in


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