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To deliver the best tasting Coffee in the World, help support Coffee farmers and their families, including small business in the United States, Maker’s Coffee Company has launched our online Specialty Coffee Marketplace for award winning Specialty Coffee Roasters. An online platform where award winning Specialty Coffee Roasters showcase their Coffee and Brands on our website.

Our Specialty Coffee Marketplace features freshly roasted Coffee provided directly by Award Winning Specialty Coffee Roasters located across the United States. The Specialty Roasters who we’ve invited to the platform have their own shops on our website where they can also list their branded merchandise for sale. When a customer orders Coffee on makerscoffee.com, the Specialty Roaster freshly roasts the selected coffee and sends it directly to the customer. With our award-winning specialty roasters providing freshly roasted Coffee directly to customers, it ensures you’ll receive the most fresh and best tasting Coffee in the world. The Coffee we offer doesn’t sit on a grocery store shelf for months before going home.

Maker’s Coffee Company has partnered with three award-winning Specialty Coffee Roasters to get te Specialty Coffee Marketplace rolling.  A very impressive initial lineup of Roasters whose awards and accolades speak for themselves.  Dragonfly Coffee Roasters of Henderson, Nevada named Roast Magazine’s Roaster of the Year in 2019 and perennial recipient of multiple highly rated Coffee by Coffee Review, including the first Coffee to score 98.  Durango Coffee Company of Durango, Colorado a multiple Golden Bean award winner who won four Golden Bean awards in 2018 alone and multi-year recipient of highly rated Coffee by Coffee Review.  Per’La Specialty Roasters of Miami, Florida a multiple award-winning Specialty Coffee Roaster and Good Food Award Winner in 2018, and 2020 finalist.

Many of the Coffee Beans sourced by our Roasters are provided by direct trade relationships with Coffee Farmers located all over the World. These relationships help support the farmers, their families, and in some instances entire communities. This is also the case with fair trade agreements which allow farmers fair environments to sell their Coffee. Our customers help support small businesses and this helps support farms and families around the World. Sustainability and minimalizing environmental impacts are at the forefront of our company’s mission, and our Specialty Roasters are on the frontline of this effort.

We plan on adding additional award-winning Specialty Coffee Roasters to our lineup and will maintain a quality over quantity approach.

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