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Colombian El Jardin Natural

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This exceptional coffee exhibits pineapple, strawberry and peach with malic acid and dense body.


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This coffee is produced by the Restrepo Family in Chinchina, Caldas. Almost 40 years ago, Elmer Restrepo, the owner of farm El Jardin, began his coffee journey in the dry milling process of coffee. Here he learned all about this part of the cycle of coffee and became very passionate about it, which led to becoming a coffee grower. Juan Felipe, who is the son of Elmer and is now in charge of processes at farm El Jardin, is a very meticulous person who is always looking for new innovative and unique processes. El Jardin farm is focused on different processing methods, mostly natural coffees produced in more than 150 hectares in their farm in Chinchina.

This coffee has been produced in Caldas, located in west central Colombia and subjected to a process where the coffee cherries are immersed in water for 48 hours where it goes through an anaerobic fermentation process (a fermentation process where oxygen is removed), then is dried in the sun with the fruit still attached.

The process of immersing it in water for the anaerobic fermenting results in rare and exotic flavors that highlight this unique coffee.

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Weight1 lbs
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12 ounces, 5 pounds


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Whole Bean, Coarse, Drip



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