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We’re getting close to the time we’ll be unveiling our new platform to several Specialty Coffee Roasters after much anticipation, hard work and testing.  An online Specialty Coffee Marketplace where people will find the highest quality and best tasting Specialty Roasted Coffee in the world, and delivered fresh.

 Specialty Roasters will have their own presence on our website where they’ll be able to showcase their Coffee, Merchandise and Brands.  Coffee loving customers will be able to select from an amazing selection of Specialty Coffee from Specialty Roasters who have been invited to our platform and site.  Specialty Roasters will receive each order individually, and people will then receive that freshly roasted coffee sent directly from the Specialty Roaster.  The Specialty Roasters will also be able to set up recurring Coffee subscriptions on our platform, so customers can get their favorite Coffee delivered automatically each time.

Bringing on additional Specialty Coffee Roasters as time goes and staying focused on providing the highest quality Coffee.  Maker’s Coffee Company has also established relationships with a whole host of Brand Name Coffee products and equipment companies.  We’ll also be offering a great variety of Coffee products and equipment on for both residential and commercial customers.  We plan on offering the best quality and highest rated name brand Coffee products, and at all price points.

There is so much more exciting news coming, so make sure to keep a look out for our next update.  Join our mailing list to receive the latest info about sales, news, updates and more on the Maker’s Coffee Company facebook page.

What’s happening now?

We’re happy to share our progress with you and appreciate all of the support

  • site development is near complete and in beta testing
  • establishing additional relationships with manufacturers and suppliers
  • Making final preparations to marketplace for vendor introduction
  • preparing for online grand opening and have moved to new Naples Florida corporate location

We’re working very hard to bring everyone an amazing shopping experience.

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