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Comandante C40 MK4 Manual Coffee Grinder

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The Comandante C40 MK4 Manual Coffee Grinder redesigned for consistent and more precise grinds for coffee and espresso connoisseurs.  High-Nitrogen Martensitic Stainless Steel Conical Burrs with Stainless Steel Axle, Crank and Grinder Body.

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Comandante C40 MK4 Manual Coffee Grinder



Product Overview

Designed for manually grinding coffee and espresso with precision, the redesigned Comandante C40 MK4 Manual Coffee Grinder is precise, smooth, and stylish. The C40 MK4 ​is designed and constructed in Germany with the finest materials like the High-Nitrogen Martensitic Stainless Steel Conical Burrs and Stainless Steel Axle, Crank and Grinder Body. It is a must have for coffee and espresso connoisseurs and enthusiasts.

Refined geometry and structure of the Nitro Blade Conical Burrs for maximum grind performance and particle distribution for brewing fresh ground specialty arabica coffee beans. The High-nitrogen martensitic stainless steel is extremely difficult to work with, but is tough, highly wear resistant, and maintains edge retention better. Simply put, the C40 MK4 is a robust high quality manual coffee grinder with an advanced Conical burrs set. Performance and design that are clear and notable from the very beginning.

Each Comandante C40 MK4 Manual Coffee Grinder comes with an amber glass and a clear polymer coffee grounds jars for added functionality.

Comandante Manual Coffee Grinder

The Comandante C40 MK4 Manual Coffee Grinder – Redesigned

The all new Comandante C40 MK4 Manual Coffee Grinder redesigned mounting of the upper bearings and axle prevents coffee beans from getting stuck. This redesigned feature is a major improvement from the previous version which increases its grind efficiency & reliability.  MK4 also comes with a clear polymer grind jar that helps attract dust and bean casings simply because the material has more static compared to glass.  By removing this excess dust and casings from your grind it can have a slightly improved taste.

Comandante C40MK4 Nitro Blade Grinder

Functions & Features

  • Grind settings allow you to grind from Espresso, Turkish, Drip, Pour-over all the way through French Press to Cold Brew.
  • Precise stepped grind adjustments are adjustable by 25-30 microns per click
  • Stainless Steel Axle, Crank and Grinder Body.
  • Nitro Blade Conical Burr manufactured from High-Nitrogen Martensitic Stainless Steel
  • Eastman Tritan (BPA-free) Internal Frame
  • Double stainless steel bearings with rubber seals for smooth operation
  • Newly designed MK4 frame prevents coffee beans from getting stuck
  • Includes a clear polymer jar and an amber glass jar
  • 40 gram coffee grounds capacity


Model Number:  C40 MK4

Manufacturer:  Comandante

Manufactured:  Imported

Product Weight: 1.6 lbs.

Grinder Body Material: Stainless Steel / Wood Veneer on select models

Burr Type:  Conical Steel Burrs

Burr Material:  High-Nitrogen Martensitic Stainless Steel

Burr Size: inner 30mm – outer 39mm

Crank Material:  Stainless Steel

Crank Knob Material: Natural Wood

Max Capacity:  40-45 grams

Product Dimensions:  2.4″ diameter x 6.3″ high

Inside the Package:

  • Manual Coffee Grinder Body
  • Handle & Lid Assembly
  • Amber Glass coffee grounds Jar
  • Clear Polymer coffee grounds Jar
  • Lid for Grounds Jar
  • User Instruction Manual


Comandante C40 MK4 Manual Coffee Grinder – Cleaning & Care

Do not soak or wash your grinder in water or in the dishwasher – it’s not dishwasher safe.

The Nitro Blade manual coffee grinder with wooden veneer try to avoid scratches and keep it dry. If it gets dirty, use a damp cotton cloth to gently clean, and dry it off immediately after.
You can care for the wood with a good, natural beeswax polish.

Brushing your burr and grinder interior clean using a brush is simple and effective. it is also easier if you disassemble your grinder first. Please refer to your operating manual or video below.

Support & Resources

Product User Manual:  Operating Manual PDF

Product Videos:  

Comandante Grinder FAQs | Where is Click Zero? A Guide on Dialing-in your Comandante Grinder.

Comandante Grinder FAQs | The Best Way to Clean your Comandante C40 MK4 Grinder!

Comandante Grinder FAQs | Why is my Grinder Squeaking?!

Comandante Grinder FAQs | What is the RX35 Red Clix Axle and how do I Install it?

Warranty & product support:  provided by Comandante

Comandante Product Support FAQ

Additional information

Weight3 lbs

American Cherry, Liquid Amber, Virginia Walnut, Alpine Lagoon, Black, Red Sonja, Cobalt


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