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The RED CLIX RX35 upgrade for Comandante C40 Nitro Blade and C40 Ironheart was developed for ultra-precision grinding and helps dialing in specialty coffee espresso shots.

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RED CLIX RX35 Product Overview

RX35 – Metric Precision Thread
Metrisches ISO Feingewinde DIN 13-2

RED CLIX, a unique combination of RX35 parts tailored for professional coffee experts in competition settings. Specifically designed with precision in mind, both the axle and grind grade dial feature an ultra-fine thread. The key advantage of RED CLIX lies in its expanded click range, accommodating the same particle size range and brewing methodology. With finer click steps, this specialized mechanism remains just as robust and stable as the standard version.

For instance, if your current brewing methodology involves 25 clicks, RED CLIX requires 50 clicks to achieve the same results. Similarly, adjusting by 5 clicks with the standard version corresponds to 10 clicks with RED CLIX, introducing an additional step between two standard clicks. This added level of precision can be advantageous for optimizing extraction time, particularly when dialing in lightly roasted specialty coffee espresso shots.

Important Note: Only use the special red-colored grind grade dial with this special RX35 axle. The extra fine precision thread on both axle and dial are very delicate and will get damaged if used with any other parts. Please make sure you do not mix Red Clix part with standard parts. Otherwise the RX35 parts will get damaged and can not be used any more

Functions & Features


  • Professional quality and precision crafted materials to competition standards 
  • Axle and grind grade dial designed with ultra fine precision threads
  • designed for professional coffee experts and enthusiasts 
  • Helps dial-in espresso shots especially lighter roasts
  • increases the number of clicks by double allowing finer precision
  • click mechanism is solid and stable as standard version



Inside the Package


  • 1x Precision metric threaded axle
  • 1x Red grind grade dial
  • 2x Washer
  • 1x Spring
  • 1x Comandante Wristband



Model Number:  RED CLIX RX35

Manufacturer:  Comandante

Manufactured:  Imported

Product Weight: .5 lbs.

Target Particle Resolution:  15 Micron per click

Vertical Burr Pitch per click:  29 Micron

Narrow Blade Gap per click:  6 Micron

For use with: C40 Nitro Blade and C40 Ironheart

RED CLIX Upgraded grinder Axle
RED CLIX washer on Axle
RED CLIX Upgraded red grind grade dial

Support & Resources

Product Videos:  

Comandante Grinder FAQs | What is the RX35 Red Clix Axle and how do I Install it?

Comandante Warranty & Product Support:

Comandante Product Support FAQ

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