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Comandante Grinder

Comandante Manual Coffee Grinders

Comandante was founded by Bernd Braune and his family in 2005, stemming from their passion for specialty coffee and their roastery, Supremo, near Munich, Germany. The family’s involvement in Cup of Excellence led them to source some incredible coffees for their customers. However, they realized that these customers lacked the right tools to get the best out of their high-quality coffees. Electric grinders were available, but they were impractical and costly for home users.

Bernd, a passionate German engineer, saw the need for a precise and high-performing hand grinder. He approached leading grinder manufacturers for a partnership, but when they didn’t share his vision, he took matters into his own hands.

Together with friends and family, they designed a clean and ergonomic grinder that would become the foundation for COMANDANTE. In 2012, Bernd registered the brand, and they remained committed to the iconic design.

Building the perfect conical burr for hand grinding was challenging and after years of hard work and innovation, they launched the Comandante grinders in 2013 with stainless steel and Titanium burr implementations. These portable, professional-quality grinders quickly gained worldwide popularity.

However, Bernd sought further improvements and embarked on a journey to create the Nitro Blade burr, elevating the grind quality to new heights. The Comandante C40 Mk3 with Nitro Blade® was launched in 2016 and became widely acclaimed, being used by barista champions and coffee enthusiasts around the globe.

Continuous refinements led to the release of the Comandante C40 Mk4 Nitro Blade in 2021, offering improved workflow, weight, and durability, while remaining compatible with previous models.

Today, COMANDANTE boasts a dedicated team, with family and friends at the core, ensuring innovation and top-notch product quality under the leadership of Bernd, who continues his quest for the perfect cup!

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