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Flair Royal Grinder



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Experience the Flair Royal Grinder’s Fast, Precise Grinding with an Ergonomic Design making grinding coffee or espresso simple and fun. Take you manual espresso to another level of hands on with this amazing manual hand ginder.

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Flair Espresso

Flair Royal Grinder

Flair Royal Grinder Product Overview

Introducing the Flair Royal Grind – The Ultimate Manual Coffee Grinder

Are you a coffee enthusiast searching for the perfect manual coffee & espresso grinder?  The Flair Royal Grinder with its enhanced burr and stainless steel burr retainer might be the perfect fit. This manual hand coffee and espresso grinder revolutionizes your grinding experience, delivering simple operation and unparalleled precision in a hand grinder. Enjoy a superior grip with the convenient thumb rest ensuring a comfortable and secure hold during each and every grind. Discover why the Flair Royal Grinder is the top choice for manual espresso connoisseurs everywhere. It all starts with our firm belief in the mantra, “Your grind is king.” Understanding that the grinding process is crucial to the overall quality and flavor of your coffee extraction,

  • Precision-engineered aluminum body for durability and consistent grinds over time.
  • Swiss-made hardened steel burrs for precise and flavorful grinding..
  • Effortlessly achieve consistent grind sizes with our innovative lift, turn & lock adjustment sleeve. No slipping, no frustration—just outstanding results in every cup.
  • 72 individual adjustment steps, allowing you to fine-tune grind size for any brewing method. Unlock the full potential of your coffee beans, from espresso to pour-over.
  • Enjoy comfort and control with the full-wrap silicone grip. Say goodbye to hand strain and effortlessly create your desired grind size with smooth, controlled motions.
  • The Royal Grinder comes with a custom roll-bag, providing secure storage and easy portability.

Take your manual espresso brewing experience with the Flair Royal Grinder to next level experience you’ll absolutely love. Embrace the art of manual grinding and unlock the true potential of your beans. Featuring an enhanced burr, stainless steel burr retainer, and thoughtful design features, this manual grinder guarantees unmatched performance, precision, and comfort. Choose the Flair Royal Grind, and embark on a journey to the perfect cup of coffee.

Don’t settle for subpar grinders. Opt for the Flair Royal Grinder and indulge in the ultimate manual coffee grinding experience. Order now and savor the joy of a perfectly ground brew, one cup at a time. Elevate your coffee rituals with the Flair Royal Grinder today!


Functions & Features

  • Enhanced burr and stainless steel burr retainer for faster grinding
  • Thumb rest for better grip and enhanced control during grinding
  • Precision engineered aluminum body for durability and longevity
  • Swiss-made, hardened tool steel burrs with high-efficiency geometry for precise and uniform grinding
  • Lift, turn & lock adjustment sleeve for no slip, repeatable results
  • 72 individual adjustment steps of 0.02mm for fine-tuning the grind size
  • Full-wrap silicone grip for enhanced ergonomics and comfortable handling
  • Designed for all-manual coffee brewing processes
  • Recognizes the importance of grind quality in coffee extraction
  • Suitable for various brewing methods, including espresso and pour-over
  • Extracts maximum flavor from coffee beans
  • Durable construction to withstand daily use
  • Offers precise and consistent grind sizes
  • Easy-to-use adjustment sleeve for effortless grind size changes
  • Compact and portable design for on-the-go coffee enthusiasts
  • Includes a custom roll-bag for safe storage and convenient transportation

What’s Included 

  • Custom roll bag for storage
  • Detachable crank with thumb screw
  • Royal body with detachable catch cup
  • Cleaning brush
  • Quick Start Guide


Model Number:860006241254

Manufacturer:  Flair Espresso

Manufactured:  Imported.

Product Dimensions: 11 x 3.5 x 4 inches (28 x 9 x 10 cm)

Product Weight:  1.5 lbs

Limited Warranty: Metal components backed by limited 5-year warranty


Support & Resources

Product Reference Guides:

Flair Royal Grinder Quick Start Guide

Flair FAQ

Flair warranty & product support:  provided by Flair

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