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Medium Espresso Blend

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Medium Espresso Blend is a well balanced medium roast that is not overly sweet with Creamy Chocolate, Smooth Vanilla, and Citrus Cupping Notes

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  • Origin: Colombia + Brazil
  • Processing: Washed & Natural

Cupping Notes: Creamy Chocolate, Smooth Vanilla, Citrus

Roast Level 03: Medium Roast

A well-balanced blend taste to give you the perfect double shot of espresso to drink solo or as the foundation for a beautiful milk-based drink. Not overly sweet to the taste, far from bitter, and well-balanced throughout with lingering notes of chocolate. This blend will propel you through the day helping you conquer whatever the day holds.

Please note this bends is subject to change due to agricultural nature of product and supply.

Medium Espresso Recipe:

18.5g of coffee yields 38g in 29 seconds.

It’s recommended that your finished shots of espresso should weigh between 1.5-2.5 times as much as your coffee dose. This provides an excellent total extraction level and maximizes the flavor profile pulled out of the coffee.

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12 ounces




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Whole Bean, Drip, French Press, Pourover




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