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Badge 660 Legacy Blend

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Badge 660 Legacy Blend is a freshly Roasted Coffee features a Creamy Smoothness with Sweet, Chocolatey, and Floral flavor notes.


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Badge 660 Legacy Blend

Ott’s Flatiron Coffee proudly presents the Badge 660 Legacy Blend. This medium roast is a homage to over 30 years of dedicated service by Mike’s Dad, the Chief of Police commemorated in every bag. The Badge 660 Legacy Blend offers a creamy smoothness with delightful notes of sweetness, chocolate, and floral undertones. Mike Ott reflects, “This blend was my first creation and quickly became my dad’s favorite. In his honor, we present the Badge 660 Legacy Blend coffee.” With this special blend, Ott’s Flatiron Coffee celebrates commitment and legacy through the rich, expertly roasted flavors.

  • Premium Packaging: 12 oz. premium coffee bag, ensures your favorite coffee blend stays fresher longer.
  • Variations: Available in both whole bean and ground options to suit your preferred brewing method.
  • Flavor Notes: Enjoy a unique blend featuring sweet, chocolatey, and floral notes with a creamy smoothness.
  • Expertly Roasted: Ott’s Badge 660 medium roast accentuates the blend’s smooth and balanced profile.


Coffee Country of Origin

Origin Country

Peru, Guatemala

Coffee Process



Medium Roast Coffee

Roast Level


Tasting Notes

Tasting Notes

Sweet, Chocolatey, Floral

Grown At Altitude


1,200 – 1,600 meters

Roaster Highlight: Ott's Flatiron Coffee

About The Roaster

Year the coffee roaster was founded



Coffee Roaster's Mission


Husband and wife team who love the Lord, their family, country, community and coffee.

Coffee Roasters Main Location


Apache Junction, Arizona USA

Ott’s Flatiron Coffee


Ott’s Flatiron Coffee is a veteran and family-owned business roasting high-quality coffee beans in small batches.

Mike and Tiffany Ott have been roasting whole bean coffee in small batches since 2017, sharing their craft with family and friends initially. Mike’s aspiration to own a coffee shop has been a long-standing dream for over a decade. When they began roasting their own coffee, they fell in love with the process of transforming coffee cherries from harvest into a delicious cup of coffee. This passion only fueled their desire to establish their own roastery, Ott’s Flatiron Coffee in Apache Junction, Arizona.

Mike and Tiffany enjoy the challenge of achieving consistency and precision in their roast profiles. They take great care in selecting coffee beans from around the world that can either stand out individually or create exceptional blends. Each batch of coffee they roast is treated as the most critical one, knowing it will be the coffee by which customers will judge their craft. Their commitment to delivering great, consistent whole bean and ground coffee is evident in every bag of their meticulously roasted beans.


Founders of Ott's Flatiron Coffee

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Additional information

Bag Weight

12 ounces



Whole Bean, Drip





Flavor Notes


Flavor Profile

, ,

Roast Level



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