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Capybara Crema Medium Espresso Blend

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Capybara Crema Medium Espresso Blend is carefully roasted to perfection and sustainably sourced from Colombia and Brazil, this blend will provide a well-balanced taste profile with natural flavor notes of creamy chocolate, smooth vanilla, and citrus.

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Capybara Crema Medium Espresso Blend

(1 customer review)
(1 customer review)

Fresh roasted to order Capybara Crema Medium Espresso Blend

Capybara Crema Medium Espresso Blend is roasted to order and to  perfection. Sourced from sustainable farms in Colombia and Brazil, this blend features a combination of Washed and Natural processing methods that provide the perfect balance of flavors. At a medium roast level, this blend boasts a well-balanced taste profile with natural flavor notes of creamy chocolate, smooth vanilla, and citrus and absolutely no artificial flavors. It's an excellent choice for a double shot of espresso, either on its own or as a foundation for a delicious milk-based drink. The perfect start to your day or a boost to power through any task. With lingering notes of chocolate, this blend will satisfy your cravings for a smooth espresso drink and keep you energized.

Mission before profit:

Our mission of supporting Farmers, Families, and Communities around the World starts with our Coffee.

Regardless of our profitability, 10% of our expenses from the sale of our coffee goes to directly support humanitarian missions around the world. This ensures our mission can be successful and comes first before any potential profit. We absolutely appreciate your support of our mission based coffee, and you can feel good about your purchase, because our coffee helps amazing missions around the globe.

Capybaras of Brazil and Colombia

Welcome to our journey into the fascinating world of capybaras! We’ll explore the unique habitats of these delightful creatures, particularly in Brazil and Colombia. Get ready for an adventure filled with Capybara cuteness and charm.

Capybara Chronicles: South America's Social Butterflies

In the vast and vibrant lands of Brazil and Colombia, capybaras reign supreme as the social butterflies of the animal kingdom. These charming animals that are part of the rodent family thrive in close-knit communities. Capybaras form tight-knit cliques that would make any high school cheerleading squad envious. When capybaras aren't busy bonding with their buddies, you can find them soaking up the sun in their favorite watering holes. These semi-aquatic mammals are amphibious experts, effortlessly gliding through the waters of South America with the grace of synchronized swimmers.

Capybara Cribs: A Wetland Wonderland

Capybaras are particularly fond of wetlands and swamps where they can indulge in their passion for water-based shenanigans. Brazil's Pantanal and Colombia's Llanos regions provide the perfect playgrounds for our fuzzy friends with the abundance of marshy landscapes and aquatic delights. Capybaras have a knack for finding the coziest hideouts. Whether it's a snug burrow, a leafy nest, or a cozy patch of grass, these fuzzy fellas know how to create their own relaxing retreat. They can even be found lounging on riverbanks, basking in the sun while nibbling on tasty vegetation.

Capybara Conclusion

We hope you've enjoyed this wild ride through the Capybaras vibrant habitats and amazing personality and stoic relaxed faces. These fuzzy and cute animals have stolen the hearts of so many people around the world with their social nature, love for water, and irresistible charm.

Capybara Fun Facts

  • Largest Rodents: Capybaras hold the title for being the world's largest rodents, reaching up to 4 feet long and weighing around 100 pounds.
  • Aquatic Adaptation: Capybaras are excellent swimmers, thanks to their webbed feet and ability to stay submerged for several minutes.
  • Highly Social Animals: Capybaras live in tight-knit herds or groups of up to 100 individuals, displaying remarkable social behavior.
  • Unique Dental Features: Capybaras have continuously growing front teeth, enabling them to graze on vegetation and chew through their favorite foods.
  • Water-loving Creatures: Capybaras have a deep affinity for water, often taking refreshing dips in lakes, rivers, and marshes.
  • Herbivorous Appetite: Capybaras follow a plant-based diet, feeding on grasses, aquatic plants, fruits, and tree bark.
  • Expert Swimmers: With their top-placed eyes, ears, and nostrils, capybaras are well-adapted for swimming and can hold their breath for up to five minutes.
  • Devoted Parenting: Capybara mothers are highly attentive, nursing their young for about 16 weeks and even participating in communal babysitting.
  • Vocal Communication: Capybaras communicate using various sounds, including purrs, whistles, barks, and clicks, each carrying distinct meanings.
  • Internet Sensations: Capybaras have gained popularity online due to their adorable and photogenic appearances, often seen in unexpected scenarios like hot tubs or mingling with other animals.



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