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There are several ways to store your favorite specialty coffee.  Whether you like the ease of buying already ground coffee or like your bean’s whole we have some tips to help keep your coffee fresh.

As with all food and beverage products you should first consult the label for roasting date and storage & handling instructions.  When transferring your coffee to another container, make sure you mark the container with contents, dates and info needed to go with that item.

Storing your coffee properly is just as important as how you prepare it.  Coffee should be stored in a cool, dry location in a dark airtight container.  Below are some helpful tips so you can enjoy the fresh aroma and taste in every cup.

Container Tips:

For all coffee types, it is recommended to use an airtight container if you plan on keeping it for more than a week.  Some specialty coffee containers and bags contain filtered vents that allow air to flow out keeping coffee fresh.  Storage containers should be non-porous and can be made of opaque glass or stainless steel and must have an airtight lid.  If you have a large amount of coffee to store use two containers.  One that you can keep on hand that is ready to use at any time and the other to hold the bulk of your supply.  Keeping two containers allows you to limit the amount of air exchanged on a regular basis to your supply of beans which will keep them fresher longer.

Whole Bean Storage:

Storing whole beans is simple and you can usually store more whole beans then ground as ground beans take up more space.  Whole beans are best stored in a dark airtight container.  By using whole beans and a grinder as part of your daily routine you can assure that you will have the freshest tasting cup of coffee or espresso from your stored beans.

Pre-Ground Coffee Storage:

Store pre-ground coffee in dark airtight containers.  Pre-ground coffee goes stale faster than whole beans and should be used quickly.  If you do not mind grinding your own specialty beans consider, purchasing whole beans and a grinder.  This way you can still have the ease of having pre-ground coffee on hand and be able to keep your coffee fresher longer.

Coffee Pod Storage:

Coffee Pods should be stored in a dark airtight container.  Keep them out of direct light, heat and away from moist areas to ensure freshness.

Freezing of Refrigerating Coffee:

There are mixed results and information regarding refrigerating or freezing your coffee.  Some say it is ok to do temporarily if you use an airtight container.  While others say do not do it because it may make your coffee taste odd, dry it out or take away from the freshness.

We suggest the roasters and the experts producing your favorite variety of coffee should be the ones to determine this since each one has advice on storing their specialty coffee.  Most will recommend how to store their product.  Remember the key to keeping coffee fresh is to keep it in an airtight container in a cool dark dry place.

Using the Original Bag:

At times you may choose to keep your beans or ground coffee in the original container if you plan to use the entire package in a short period of time.  If this is the case and your coffee is in a ventilated bag, then go ahead and use the original container it came in.  If it is in a bag that has no ventilation we suggest you transfer it to a container or resealable bag with a one-way air valve so that the coffee can still have a way to vent air from the bag keeping it fresh even if it’s for only a short period of time.

Maker’s Coffee Company will always host your favorite specialty roasters and everything you need for the perfect cup of coffee.  Order your coffee one bag at a time, six months at a time or a whole years’ worth all at once.  Whatever works for you!

Remember when purchasing large amounts of coffee, make sure you are storing the coffee properly to get the freshest cup each time.  And make sure to use your coffee by the roasters best by date, so that you ensure you get the best out of your beans.

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Bunni D’Bella has traveled the world in search of the perfect cup of coffee. Her travels have brought her from the cloud forests of Costa Rica to the city streets of Rome. Each cup has had its unqiue taste and memory to go with it.

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